The Dole Office

Department for the Workshy & Perturbed

Choosing an Employee


As it is written in ‘The Dole Office – Code of Conduct‘, we shall endeavour to send you completely unsuitable people, who are wholly worthless for the job vacancy you have advertised with us. This keeps our targets to a reasonable level and also for us to reach our monthly quotas.


You will have no say in the matter, although, should you have any cause for complaint then you are more than welcome to telephone us and you shall be passed onto the relevant department. We may not find that department at first, but we shall continue passing the buck onto each department until you eventually find the correct person who deals with your complaint has gone home for the day.


As this system has been practised for several decades, we know that it works. So please don’t ask us to lower our national standards by implementing impractical procedures. This will not happen, and remember, your call is important to us. Please continue to hold. . .


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